Jefferson’s Reach

Archival Print of Pastel
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“Jefferson’s Reach"


By Capt. Mike Ostrander

Available in Three Sizes as a Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Print

Also Available as "Unique" (see below)


Discover the James, Series I, Number One of Four

Prints of Pastels and Photographs






I am fortunate to be able to spend about two hundred days a year on the James River, viewing it as an artist, wildlife guide and fisherman. This chapter of my life started 24 years ago when I first set foot in the James River. Through photography and pastel drawings, I’ve been able to capture some the magic that drives me to the river, season after season. 


The pastel hues of morning change by the minute. As the angle of the sun moves, closing in on the horizon, its glow cuts low through the atmosphere, diffusing the light and dispensing a colorful gift.  There is a moment that signals a new day, and the possibilities of that day become not just endless, but real.


Occasionally, the combination of light, shape and color is so intense, it transcends inspiration, and synergy is created between the viewer, the river and the morning sky. For me, capturing that feeling, even slightly, through art, well, that’s about as good as it gets.


Discover the James, Series I, is composed of four images, all inspired by early morning light on the James. Two are soft pastels and two are photographs.


The first of the two pastels, titled “Jefferson’s Reach,” is a synergetic moment in time. The setting is just downriver of the Varina-Enon Bridge, a place where an Atlantic Sturgeon could leap from the river at any moment, or a bald eagle silently appear and fly along the treetops to the South.  Canada geese might gather overhead, or a wild turkey fly low, across the river casting a reflection.


It is the unpredictability of ‘what could happen next’ in the sky, or in the water that inspired me to push the limits of the moment within the image, and add pastel directly onto a limited edition print.  By adding a sturgeon or an eagle into “Jefferson’s Reach,” I am creating a “Unique”, that is, one-of-a-kind print. “Jefferson’s Reach” is available as is, or as a Unique,” with an added specie within the image. 


I am thrilled to offer Discover the James, Series I. To learn the origin of the name, “Jefferson’s Reach,” or other information about the creation of these prints, please contact me directly.



Capt. Mike 

(804) 938-2350