Sunrise Over Curles Neck Swamp

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“Sunrise Over Curles Neck Swamp"


By Capt. Mike Ostrander


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Sunrise Over Curles Neck Swamp is an image that captured the best of the early morning light on the James River. All of the elements that make for a magical moment are there; light, rays, clouds, reflections .... and time.

It was super cold out the moment this image was taken on an early December morning. I was running my pontoon boat downriver, through the cut channel at Jones Neck heading towards Deep Bottom. As I neared the downriver end of the manmade channel, I saw the incredible morning light over Curles Neck swamp. It was magical. I was looking at this view through the plexiglass windows of my boat, and I remember hanging out over the back side of the boat, behind the plexiglass curtains and snapping a couple of photos. Little did I know that I'd come back to this moment over and over for years to come. 


Capt. Mike


Capt. Mike Ostrander

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