“Curles Neck, Timeless Sunrise”

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“Curles Neck, Timeless Sunrise”



By Capt. Mike Ostrander


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Discover the James, Series I

Number Two of Four

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Thousands of years of history, occupation and events have shaped what we see today along the banks of the James River.  One thing is for certain, and that is the timeless sun will rise again tomorrow, and if we are lucky, we’ll be out on the river to experience it.


The location within this pastel, Curles Neck, travels beyond simply being historical and has reached magical status in my heart … and it has felt that way for a long time. Being a river guide, I’ve spent countless mornings on the river in this exact spot, enjoying this scene unfold at sunrise. Watching the light levels changing, often experiencing rays of light beaming over the horizon, into the sky as the clouds collect a million shades of color only to fade, cracking the door for the sun to rise over the tree line, as it has done, day after day, since the river was formed. 


For me, it’s hard to beat the inspirational light show of early morning, and coupled with the history of the area, wow!


Discover the James, Series I, is composed of four images, all inspired by early morning light on the James. Two are soft pastels and two are photographs.


This is the second pastel, titled “Curles Neck, Timeless Sunrise.” The setting is about 17 miles downriver of Richmond in the far eastern end of Henrico County. Known for its outstanding hunting, Curles Neck has been a mecca for some of the best waterfowl hunting around for centuries.


The location of this image is within the territory of a pair of resident bald eagles names Baba & Pops.  I have followed them since 2007 and they have a long, interesting story of success, failure and perseverance.  


If you have any questions about “Curles Neck, Timeless Sunrise,” please contact me directly. And to order, you can contact me or order directly through this website. Thank you.


Capt. Mike



Capt. Mike Ostrander

Discover the James

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